1. Ryan Brewer (Boy Trouble), Photo by Brett Lindell 2012.

  2. Bebe Daddy, 2013. Photo by Brett Lindell.

  3. Bebe Daddy, 2013. Photo by Brett Lindell.

  4. Bebe Daddy, 2013. Photo by Brett Lindell.

  5. Bebe Daddy, 2013. Photo by Brett Lindell.

  6. Bebe Daddy, 2013. Photo by Brett Lindell.

  7. queerspirits:

    Ryan Brewer and AA Bronson

    “White”, 2013

    photographed by Matthias Herrmann in the Magic Forest between Fire island Pines and Cherry Grove.


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  10. Post-Paradise (Black Lodge Sweat), Ryan Brewer 2013. 

  11. Post-Paradise (Black Lodge Sweat), ritual, 2013.

    Created and performed by Ryan Brewer as part of Triskaidekaphobia, a group performance exhibition at Parade Ground (NYC), on January 12th, 2013. Curated by AA Bronson and Bradford Kessler. Documentation by Rafael Santiago.

    Audio: “Yr Love” by Holy Other, from the album “With U,” Tri Angle Records, 2011.
    Performance Duration: 3 hours
    Installation Dimensions: 11 feet (diameter) x 10 feet (height) [Variable]

    Ryan Brewer’s performance project Post-Paradise (Black Lodge Sweat) utilized pole dance and disparate occult practices within sculptural installation to assert a rhetoric that challenges notions of gender, identity, and expression, and complicates relationships between desire, shame, and power. 

    The project aimed to investigate notions of gender identity through the formation and performance of the artist’s sexual persona: a jockstrap-clad, bleach-blond playboy. Brewer’s body and physical ability were conditioned for skill, strength, flexibility, and endurance through a rigorous six-month period of professional pole dance training. He puts out. Or does he?

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  12. Post-Paradise (Black Lodge Sweat), ritual, 2013

    Created and performed by Ryan Brewer as part of Triskaidekaphobia, a group performance exhibition at Parade Ground (NYC), on January 12th, 2013. Curated by AA Bronson and Bradford Kessler. Documentation by Rafael Santiago.

    Duration: 3 hours

  13. Post-Paradise (Black Lodge Sweat), installation, Ryan Brewer 2013

    Pre-ritual installation above; post-ritual installation & details below.

    Steel pole, glass votive candle holders, candles, steel/leather flogger, sheep pelt, bottled water, bottled Pepsi-cola, bottled rubbing alcohol, towels, Ibuprofen, bandages, protein bar, pomelo fruits, Himalayan incense, cedar smudge stick, mugwort smudge stick, books (
    Sexual Personae, Camille Paglia; The Body in Pain, Elaine Scarry), artist’s notebook, computer, sound system, hardware.

    Dimensions: 11 feet (diameter) x 10 feet (height) [Variable]


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  15. brettlindell:

    Ryan, Brooklyn, NY

    Photographed by Brett Lindell 2013

    (Source: brettlindell)